Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Think with your Stomach?

What are you hungry for? Do you have a big appetite? Not for cheese and tacos (mmm)...but for something more-- a dream, a goal, for love. ..

I was talking with someone tonight who gave me a new perspective on some of my feelings. Let's think about my last post - perhaps needing a parachute is a way of protecting myself. It's an excuse for not trusting fate and my instincts. He said, "why wouldn't you live for the rush?" He went on to say, "if you give attention to a backup plan you aren't able to give 100% focus to the what's happening in the now. If you spend time thinking about what you might need
incase your plans don't work you could miss what's going on in front of you."

So he suggested I think with my stomach...he has stomach problems and most foods upset him painfully. So he has a choice. He could always protect himself and never taste new foods for fear of regretting eating it because there is a possiblity it will hurt him OR better yet, there is the possibility it could be the best thing he's ever had, a new favorite food that actually is healing! Honestly, he won't know unless he tries it...usually based on a "gut" instinct. (I crack me up...)

He outright said, "Yes Tiffany, there are times I've been so sure of eating a new food and I went for it 100% and what happened actually was the most embarrassing moment ever because I was wrong- it was a really bad decision. Yet the best is when I taste something new and realize it's amazing...and I never would have known if I lived my life protecting myself from potential pain."

I learned something from this and thought it was worth posting because maybe you will too. Two very different perspectives and risk factors. Brand your own approach - send me your I making you hungry yet?

I know my appetite is stronger than though -
Is it cheating if I keep Pepto in my purse? .....I guess old habits die hard.



Anonymous said...

LOVE love love your posts Tiffany! You should be a columnist. You inspire me in so many ways and I liked this one a lot.

Anonymous said...

I like you.