Sunday, January 13, 2008

Re-Resolving for 2008

So what, I say! So what -if I ate Don Pablos, Chiptole, McDonalds, easy cheese (yes from a can), and drank pop all week. I have 12 months right? Oh, did I make a resolution against all that? Crap. I'm doomed.

Ok ok ok you fore go your New Year's realize it's only the 13th of January and think basically you're doomed to another year of being unable to commit to changing all the things you don't like about yourself. I say -who cares if eating all organic, doing 1900 situps a day, not eating after 8pm, jobsearching for the next best thing, and not being late anymore haven't been so successful in 2008 . Don't beat yourself up! It's all about 1 day at a time..... and better yet, stop making resolutions of things to
CUT and start making resolutions of things to ADD to your life for 2008....1 day at a time.

Yes, now is the day to Re-Resolve who you're going to be this year. Forget your fairweather plans of going to the gym 9 days a week, cutting out pop completely, never tasting the goodness of sour cream again, or giving up cheesecake.......not only is it unrealistic, it's impossible!

ADD lunges in when you walk to your mailbox.
ADD one extra glass of water a day.
ADD a compliment to someone in your life.
ADD a vision board of your goals to your office or home.
ADD one volunteer hour a month.
ADD a better breakfast to your day.
ADD a timer to your phone at 3pm everyday to remind you to be thankful for your blessings, pray, or meditate.

ADD what is realistic for you 1 day at a time.

Sounds pretty revolutionary huh? I'm sure the Therapist I'll have to
ADD in this year will think so. ha!

Cheers and good night,