Thursday, November 15, 2007

I pledge allegiance...and I always sample the soup first!

Some days I get really sick of people trying to "own" me..making me choose just them. Do you ever feel like everyone wants a piece of you, but not because they genuinely care? Many people care, don't get me wrong, but it seems to be all about our societal need to HAVE something -OWN it for ourselves. And everyone wants to HAVE people too...they all want our indivisible choose them over all other choices. This is true in business, life, and relationships...and all I want is to sample the soup first.

Let' me explain...

For starters..I'm not subliminally talking about romance here people -I'm blantantly referring to a multitude of topics with this post-possibly romance, but more importantly the instance that inspired me to blog about this topic today within business. Of course I believe you need reliability in your life and should be loyal to your choices -
but why the need to make only ONE thing the object of your loyalty?

Here's a thought - I don't think human nature lends itself to doing one thing over an over forever. I mean, who came up with this idea? Whoever said Variety is the spice of life, is my hero. This topic is as simple as my cat...funny you say, "of course she has a cat"...yes, I have a cat...and I think about if I had to eat the same damn food everyday like he does -BORING !! I'd kick up my kitty dish and drag litter all over the house on my paws in Protest!

So...Let's consider the human brain for a minute...if you do the same things over and over the human brain stops responding the same...therefore to re-stimulate yourself you either have to take up a disorder like OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) to get excited about repeated activities OR do something different to re-experience the mundane in a new way.

Think about putting on your clothes. I'm sure you put the same arm into your jacket every time..or the same leg into your jeans first as dressing -listen to the phone on the same ear -or brush your teeth with the same hand. TRY THIS: dress first with a different arm or leg - try writing with your other hand - kiss someone new -even parting your hair on the other side. You automatically pay attention and feel what you're doing again- don't you? That's because you're brain has been conditioned feel the same thing over and over and actual stop responding and now that you're changing it your synapses go CRAZY with excitement and you finally THINK about what you're doing again...

I know you're thinking, "Tiffany, you have commitment issues"!

Huh? C
ommitment issues? Yes, I've been told that before. To be honest, I don't buy it. I think I'm one of the most committed people you'll ever meet. (Except maybe to working out) But I am committed to Goals, friends, companies, and to those I love.

I am extremely loyal and committed, but I am however, overly analytical which thus leads to me seeming indecisive and uncommittal. NO I'M NOT, yes I I'm not, yes, no,yes.....uh........YES - With this traits of being overly analytical and sometimes indecisive comes my belief of "I can have it all! I don't have to choose one thing, I'd like a little bit of everything, why not experience as much as I can." Right?

I know, I know, so where does the soup come in? I'm one of those people who are awful to order with in a restaurant, really, I just don't think things need to be black and white - this or that - choose as is. I want to taste the soup first, make sure it's the way I like it and I might even see if I can substitute buffalo chicken for plain in the wrap...OH WAIT..waiter...can I switch that to onion rings? I'm convinced that Sample Day at Grocery stores, appetizers, buffets and Tapas restaurants were created for people like me!

Therefore, my question is this... how can we truly be expected to pledge allegiance to any ONE thing over and over, day after day and not get bored? We need to sample -We're creatures of variety, our very brain is wired that way!

With that, I've decided I like my life of daily choices ... I like going to different places everyday, not sitting at the same desk (Or any desk for that matter), challenged with new projects and tasks, different cultures (corporate and human) and motivated by new experiences and people..

IN closing, this all isn't to say I don't like consistency, loyalty, or people I can rely on in life and in love. We need that in our lives too -especially in Love. But for me, I've realized I simply like to be someplace new, meeting new people, talking about different topics, trying new food, kissing people when I meet them (like Italians, not naughty), and simply believing it's ok
to be a little indecisive if it lets you experience more options.

SO - I Pledge Allegiance to be loyal to EACH ONE of my choices, or guess what.... clearly I wouldn't have been able to decide on choosing it in the first place!

And finally - to all of you out there who think it's all about choosing ONE thing to fit the norm...
MORAL OF THIS STORY IS:...I suggest you sample the soup first, then I don't have to listen to you complain when you don't like it's "consistency".

Now, what do I want for dinner? ...I guess I'll try the soup,


Friday, November 9, 2007

A "Story" with the lesson of Mediocrity

I was able to shadow and work with a very talented photojournalist the other day doing a story on a very talented ventriloquist and guitarist. As I was taking notes and following the process of getting a story of someone to come to life...I thought of the questions he asked his interviewee and the lessons he was teaching me quietly while doing his job.

Some of those statements have stayed with me as not only questions to get a great interview for a story - but also questions and thoughts we should ask ourselves and to put into perspective how blessed we are or if we're on the right path.

If you have forgotten your purpose or goals in life, many of these questions and "deep thought" statements will remind you.....try answering them for yourself and thinking about if you live your life this way everyday....

- Tell me a time when you received a standing ovation?
- I'm here today to help you look your best.
- When you were a little kid - what did you tell your teachers you wanted to be?
- Is what you do original?
- Is there a message you hope to leave people with?
- What has been one of your most rewarding conversations...has someone told you ever "because of you I didn't commit suicide" or "you've changed my life because..."
- Have you ever let a dummy make you look bad?
- What are your goals?
- What don't I know about you that I should?

"If you settle for mediocrity in little things, you'll settle for mediocrity in the big things" - John Gross, Photojournalist

Tifftionary Meaning: Mediocrity - knowing you haven't exhausted your talents. The belief you're capable of doing more and you haven't done it. Not serving yourself or others to your fullest potential.

So I have to say
thank you to John for not only teaching me more about how to create a story that is news worthy - but one that is also truthful, interesting, beautiful and inspirational.