Friday, November 9, 2007

A "Story" with the lesson of Mediocrity

I was able to shadow and work with a very talented photojournalist the other day doing a story on a very talented ventriloquist and guitarist. As I was taking notes and following the process of getting a story of someone to come to life...I thought of the questions he asked his interviewee and the lessons he was teaching me quietly while doing his job.

Some of those statements have stayed with me as not only questions to get a great interview for a story - but also questions and thoughts we should ask ourselves and to put into perspective how blessed we are or if we're on the right path.

If you have forgotten your purpose or goals in life, many of these questions and "deep thought" statements will remind you.....try answering them for yourself and thinking about if you live your life this way everyday....

- Tell me a time when you received a standing ovation?
- I'm here today to help you look your best.
- When you were a little kid - what did you tell your teachers you wanted to be?
- Is what you do original?
- Is there a message you hope to leave people with?
- What has been one of your most rewarding conversations...has someone told you ever "because of you I didn't commit suicide" or "you've changed my life because..."
- Have you ever let a dummy make you look bad?
- What are your goals?
- What don't I know about you that I should?

"If you settle for mediocrity in little things, you'll settle for mediocrity in the big things" - John Gross, Photojournalist

Tifftionary Meaning: Mediocrity - knowing you haven't exhausted your talents. The belief you're capable of doing more and you haven't done it. Not serving yourself or others to your fullest potential.

So I have to say
thank you to John for not only teaching me more about how to create a story that is news worthy - but one that is also truthful, interesting, beautiful and inspirational.


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MissMnCommittee said...

And in all the days of your life--I know you, Tiffany, would never ever sttle for one single moment of mediocrity. xxooo Barb