Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Closets Don't Judge Me!

I tend to compartmentalize most things in my life -so I'm told. I think it allows me to enjoy many different things in life..types of people, events, music, hobbies etc.. Some think it's bad...however, when it comes to closets, they LOVE my compartmentalizing habits!

To say this only happened after moving, would be a lie. It has helped, because I was forced to get rid of old items, however, this is something I cannot deny is in my inherent nature. I love to color code, make lists, put in compartments, shelves, organize by sleeve length, hanging holders, create creative nooks - and don't even get me started on office supplies and organizers! I've had what's affectionately referred to as the "Accessory Closet" (a makeshift closet which is a corner with a curtain to cover) for a couple years. In my old place it was the front closet, in my new place, it has it's own purpose in my bedroom. It holds belts, shoes, purses, scarves and hats only...it's beautiful.

Some think compartmentalizing isn't a good thing. It can keep you emotionally unattached to things. However, when it comes to my closets, I never get judged. So compartmentalize away, I say.....here is a snippet of what the Accessory closet is, it's glorious to me, enjoy!

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