Monday, April 12, 2010

Pop Can

I left a soda can on my kitchen counter this morning. I'm eating an early lunch and realizing it would be really good with that cranberry spritzer on my counter. I've actually left a can on my car roof before only to hear it tumble off a half block away. I once chased 6 blocks after someone in traffic because they had dropped their shoes off the top of their car to track them down and give it back to them. SHOES?? Isn't it illegal to drive barefoot people?!

The bigger point is that I'm so often surprised about how we can forget things and never feel remorse...until....WE REMEMBER! Think about it - the only things you feel bad about losing are the things you have memories of having. It got me thinking...even with something as menial as a can of soda - now that I thought of it, I really want it - now that I realize and remember losing it. Not only that, but I'd like it the way it was when I
left it there...cold, sweating a little because it's brand new out of the fridge. Isn't that the way most things we miss are? Whether it's people, jobs, pets, relationships....We wish we could have them they way they WERE, the way they used to be when we had them?

The truth is that this mentality and reliving memories, not noticing things have changed, can keep us living in the past...always comparing and never really experiencing the present. Don't get me wrong - after losing my father at a young age, I am a huge believer in keeping memories of loved ones alive, but overkill can keep us from moving on.

My cousin Sean visited this weekend and reminiscing about growing up we talked about the fact I've always been so upset with myself for having such a bad memory. I often have people tell me stories of things that happened in my past while growing up - in high school - in college - at work - at events - YESTERDAY...and I have no recollection of them whatsoever! How horrible that they are able to relive more moments in my life than me?!!

Then I realized...wait a second....Maybe I'm lucky!? I have a poor memory and perhaps that allows me to live in the present more than people who have a ridiculously articulate memories? Moving and trying new things, being present and spontaneous all are fun because I simple don't always remember things prior in too much detail, as silly as that sounds. It's always a conscious effort to live in the here and now - but having a bad memory sure helps! To-do lists should be a thing of the past - if you forget, GREAT - you have more time to do other in-the-moment things, right!?

Well, maybe. I do love my to-do lists...

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