Friday, April 29, 2011

"29, is Just Peachy"

I've blogged many times before about my dad, Fuzzy. He passed away when I was in my senior year of college. Today, April 29th would have been his "29th" birthday.

Over the years, I've toasted to, cried over, laughed at and cherished memories of the "Big O'" (another of his many nicknames).

Those who knew my dad will tell you endless stories gathered over years of sharing Hamm's Beers, Memorial Day, St. Patricks Day, and good ol' days in Waverly and Hopkins. My father was hilarious, everyone loved him, he was the last to leave a good party and the party wasn't good until he arrived, he gave nicknames to everyone he knew, toasted often, invented the "Kittock Protector", and was a true entertainer and lover of people (and Penguins!). Everything was always "Just Peachy" with my dad.

Today, I just wanted to send out a tribute to everyone who has lost someone they care about. There is nothing easy about death. There is nothing anyone can ever say to you when you lose someone, because each situation is different and no one truly "understands". However, love is universal...and we all know what that feels like. And even though losing someone doesn't ever get easier...death, teaches us how to live.

Happy Birthday Dad -God Bless and "Slainte!" (Cheers)

Please leave a note who you'd like to Cheers to today.

In Memory of our recent family losses: Harold James Jr. Ogle, Addie Bezdicek, Stan Kittock, Helen Campbell.


Anonymous said...
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John Angeles said...

My toasts go out to my uncle Jack Hurford and my uncle Patricino Angeles. Both passed away this year. Both were great men and gave every second of their lives in dedication to God and their families. Cheers to them, and happy bday fuzzy!!!!

Tiffany Times said...

Cheers to both of your family members - I'm sure they are very missed!

amichaels said...


Very nice blog post. It home for me because I recently lost my mother (Feb. 13). I will have to say that the outpouring from friends really helped me get through everything. I like your line in that death teaches us how to live.

So, cheers to my mom!