Friday, October 15, 2010

This Cardboard Tastes Like Pizza?!

Today on the show, I declared "Pizza Day" for everyone in Wisconsin...although I'm fairly sure it'll just be for us. However, once a month we have set a schedule for someone to bring in Pizza (or this winter we're doing soups/chili) to take advantage of the Pizza Oven we have from Boelter and we all eat lunch here together.

We've had everything from fancy Egg Breakfast Pizza, to the most amazing Taco Pizza I've ever tasted, to half homemade half pre-made concoctions.

Well today is my pizza day...and I brought in my version of homemade pizza - Frozen Pizzas from Digorno! YUM - I've been so excited for pizza day today I've eaten Pizza 3 other times this week. Sad, but true.

So, with no further adieu, here's how it went...

Pizza 1: Crispy Sicilian Flabread, extremely in black ...Oops.
Pizza 2: Thick Spinach and Mushroom - so thick, the bottom was soft..oops.
Pizza 3: Ultra Thin Crispy Margarita - SO thin, there was no humanly possible way to see there was CARDBOARD UNDER IT?? Yes, I almost burned down TMJ4 because I cooked the pizza WITH the cardboard under it...OOPS!
Pizza 4: in the cooker...stuffed crust Supreme...WISH ME LUCK.....

The poor Morning Blend Staff is still starving...Oops.... that's why you never trust a blonde on pizza day.

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